3G Astro Turf Rugby Pitch Cleaning Maintenance

3G Astro Turf Rugby Pitch Cleaning Maintenance of 3G and 4G rubber filled synthetic grass and artificial grass sports surfaces.

Astro Turf Rugby Pitch Cleaning MaintenanceArtificial Grass Tennis Court Cleaning and Maintenance

3G Astro turf rugby pitches can be dedicated 3G and 4G artificial grass surfaces, run off surrounds around a natural turf pitch, training pitches, or a sand filled system as part of a shared use artificial grass surface.

SSP are able to offer maintenance services for all types of 3G Astro Turf rugby pitch including Deep Cleaning, Power Grooming & Decompaction, Drag Brushing,  Renovation and Rejuvenation.

Processes such as Power Grooming, Infill Redistribution and Fibre Lifting are essential to keep an Astro Turf 3G or 4G surface in a good safe condition.  The action of rugby players places a significant stress on the rubber infill causing it to displace in high action areas.

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