3G Football Turf Pitch 3G FTP Testing Required For FA Register

3G FTP Maintenance Cleaning Agreement for Kent School3G Football Turf Pitch 3G FTP Testing Required For FA Register

3G Football Turf Pitch 3G FTP Testing Required For FA Register.  The FA has changed the standard code of rules regarding the use of 3G FTP’s that will allow more clubs and teams to use 3G Football Turf Pitches.  The rules will become effective from 2014/15 season and provided a FTP has been tested and appears on the FA Register it will be allowed to be used for affiliated match play in all competitions outside the National League System.  The FA guidance note outlines the process by which pitches need to be tested and approved to appear on the FA register.  The facility operator is expected to commission and pay for the cost of the test so that the site ensures that the pitch is safe for use for all participants and meets insurance liabilities.

A commonly asked question will be how to I ensure our FTP is safe for use for all participants and that it will keep within the required test parameters for as long as possible?  The answer inevitably should be to contact an approved  3G Football Turf Pitch 3G FTP maintenance contractor who is a member of SAPCA an organisation which works with the FA to ensure FTP’s are well maintained.

SSP are SAPCA members with over 20 years experience in the maintenance of synthetic grass sports surfaces including 3G Football Turf Pitch 3G FTP.  Our operatives currently work with a number of registered FA sites to help maintain their safe use and to keep them within the parameters of the commissioned testing.

FTP’s are not maintenance free and benefit routine regular maintenance, monthly surface cleaning and power sweeping, annual deep cleaning, and possible rejuvenation after a prolonged period.  SSP are a trusted and experienced maintenance advisor and contractor who can provide annual maintenance contracts for FTP owners to support the upkeep and maintenance liability of their 3G pitch helping them to remain an FA registered FTP.

For further information on how to maintain a  3G Football Turf Pitch 3G or the FTP Testing Required For FA Register contact SSP Ltd Tel: 0870 7501432
More Information can also be found at the English Schools’  Football Association :-  Click Here

The Guide may be downloaded from the link below:-

FA Football Turf Pitch Testing guidance
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