Artificial Clay Court Maintenance After Play

Dragging Artificial Clay Courts After Play

Artificial Clay Court Maintenance After Play is of vital importance if the surface is to perform to its intended playing characteristics.

Court users should allow five minutes to carry out basic Artificial Clay Court Maintenance After Play.  This should consist of simply drag brushing the court surface to bring back any dispersed fill to the playing area and smoothing out footmarks, and brushing the lines off to make sure they are visible.Dragging Artificial Clay Courts After Play

Artificial Clay Court Maintenance After Play is courteous to other players, helps to maintain the courts playing characteristics and longevity, and reduces the cost of new top up fill.

Given that the stability mat is filled with and covered by artificial clay fill, it is likely that the action of players will move the fill, especially in the high play areas such as behind base lines and in volley areas, during play.  The artificial clay tennis court relies on the level of loose clay fill being even and approximately 2mm above the level of the stability mat fibres at all times.


AFTER EACH MATCH OR SESSION OF PLAY the court users should:

1 – Drag the court using the drag brush drag mat combination broom.

The direction of drag brushing should be elliptical, and to include the ENTIRE court area including run offs, working from either the back of the court to the net or vice versa so that dispersed fill is moved back into the playing area by the brush and then levelled by the mat.

2 – Brush off all play lines using the line brush

3 – Return Equipment to their court storage point

A dedicated storage station will help keep the equipment in good order, help prevent any accidents, and reduce the areas of fill build up to the perimeter (where fill is carried off by the drag brushes)

  • Allow 5 minutes after each session to drag brush court surface and brush off lines
  • As a matter of curtesy to fellow members leave the court dragged brushed and lines brushed off
  • To protect the clubs investment and maintain the integrity and longevity of the court surface maintain the court after play
  • Return maintenance equipment to their storage station each time
  • Drag brush in an elliptical motion over the entire surface including the run off areas
  • You play on the fill not the stability mat.  Try to ensure an even level of fill approximately 2mm above the stability mat (2p coin thickness)
  • Allow one drag brush may and one line brush for each end (two sets per court)
  • Dragging in wet conditions can lead to lumps of fill being created.  Use common sense and abort dragging if it is making the surface worse.
For advice on Artificial Clay Court Maintenance After Play call SSP Ltd on 01227463606 or e-mail:
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