Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

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Multi Use Games Areas MUGA

A multi-use games area or MUGA is an artificial sports surface that is suitable for many different sports and activities. MUGAs provide a versatile surface that is not only more cost effective but also uses space more efficiently. A MUGA can be used in most weather conditions, all year round making them ideal for a school and playground environment. A MUGA can utilise existing drainage or be free draining through the synthetic surface to the constructed base beneath. 

We have a variety of different multi-use games area (MUGA) surfaces to suit your requirements from polymeric rubber to the latest generation of artificial sports grasses. Our range of synthetic MUGA’s are suitable for schools, nurseries, playgrounds, sports clubs and recreation areas. 

We can even create roof top sports surfaces, please visit our case studies page for further details HERE.

Using our experience of over 25 years we are able to supply multi-use games areas (MUGAs) to a number of different specifications depending on the required use, customising the area to fit your needs and requirements. We provide a complete service, managing the project from start to finish, and have a dedicated maintenance division that can help you to keep the surface in a good and safe condition.  The surfaces available include:

MUGA - Artificial Grass 

The type of artificial grass used can range from a rubber filled 3G/4G system primarily for football and rugby to a sand dressed dense piled system which can be used for most sports including hockey and tennis.  For greater impact absorption and control of ball bounce and roll, our surfaces can have either: an in situ rubber or pre-formed foam shockpad installed underneath the artificial grass system. Lines can be customised to your requirements and inlayed to the system using a variety of coloured artificial grasses. They are durable and do not require painting. For further information on Artificial Grass please visit the main page here.

MUGA - Polymeric Rubber

Polymeric sports rubber flooring is made up of granules of EPDM rubber bound together by a polyurethane binding agent. The top course is a coloured, high traction surface. This type of system is designed for most sports including athletics, tennis, basketball, netball, daily mile tracks, football and omni-sport use. For further information on Wet Pour Rubber please visit the main page here.

MUGA - Multi-sports Surface

Multi-sports surfaces are sand dressed, artificial sports grass. They provide an outstanding hard wearing surface with natural playing characteristics, which uses space effectively. Multi-sports surfaces are designed to act as a playground and accommodate most activities and sports. A full 3G/4G pitch is usually not necessary for the level of sport being played on them by most primary school pupils, and it may be unsuitable for some sports where ball bounce, or even ball roll, is important. A multi-sport surface can support any sport, or activity, that can be played on a normal playground, and fully customised to suit your needs.

MUGA - 3G & 4G Sports Surfaces

Third and Fouth generation (3G/4G) sports flooring is a long pile artificial grass, which is rubber filled or sand and rubber filled. This is the ideal surface for sports such as football and rugby, and is designed to take studded foot wear and simulate natural turf.  It has a much better impact absorbency than natural grass, reducing the chance of injury. 3G/4G sports surfaces are suitable for full size pitches as well as smaller pitches. 

All of our surfaces are perfect for multi-use games areas and can be tailored to match any requirement. We provide a vast range of playground surfacing and playground flooring solutions to schools, playgrounds and nurseries across the UK.

MUGA - Maintenance 

As well as installing sports and play surfaces, SSP has a dedicated maintenance division which cleans, maintains, repairs and rejuvenates synthetic sports surfaces including MUGAs. All surfaces require regular maintenance if they are to maximise their longevity and maintain their intended characteristics which includes the safety of users.  Our maintenance division can provide economical annual maintenance packages ranging from an annual service to quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly services. For further information please refer to the maintenance section of our website.


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Features and Benefits - MUGAs

  • Multi use, space saving solution
  • Cost-effective to incorporate all requirements in one area
  • Broad range of colours, pile lengths and designs available
  • Make use of existing drainage

Multi Use Games Areas MUGA Artificial Grass Colour Availability

What our customers say

True hard-working professionals that do an excellent job:

5/5 Stars

Andy at SSP Canterbury organised works at our Nursery in Dover which included artificial grass and wet pour playground surface, they were totally professional and nothing was too much trouble. The end result was fantastic and has really changed the outside look. I have no hesitation in recommending this company, they are excellent value for money.

Frank Smith

New Winter mats @URVGC looking great! Thanks @SSP_Services great service and products - Upchurch River Valley Golf Club