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Artificial Grass Golf

Artificial grass has been used extensively in golf clubs, academies ,schools and leisure centres for tee’s, putting greens , driving mats, pathways and club houses. SSP has a range of Golf artificial grass for professional or home practice golf course.Golf Putting Green artificial grass

Driving Mats– an efficient method for improving your game.

For use on  driving ranges or practising your swing without ruining the grass. SSP’s artificial grass driving mats are extremely hard wearing and provide  a professional surface for left and right handed golfers.

Golf Tee’ s -for all year round play

Artificial golf tee’s provide a professional reliable surface for tee’ing off without the intense maintenance requirement of natural grass. Artificial grass golf tee’s can provide a reliable consistent surface for intense use.

Putting Greens 

Artificial grass putting green require a non directional and hard wearing artificial grass for providing a smooth and consistent surface identical to a natural turf surface .

artificial grass golf tee


Crazy Golf- for the less serious golfer and family fun

Miniature golf, mini-golf, midget golf, goofy golf, shorties, extreme golf, crazy golf, adventure golf, mini-putt  are all names used for mini golf . Found in many seaside resort and holiday parks artificial grass mini golf is a popular family past time. SSP has installed artificial grass into mini gollf area’s for councils and leisure facilities . SSP’s artificial grass for mini golf is hard wearing standing up to the intense use of crazy golf . With a range of colour and pile height for the smooth and rough SSP’s artificial grass is ideal for refurbishing mini golf parks or installing into new adventure golf centre’s.

Artificial Grass Mini Golf Green In Bournemouth.Artificial Grass Mini Golf Putting Green Bournemouth Hole 6

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