Manby Lodge Infant School

With useable outdoor space in schools at a premium any areas that have become unusable or are not available during certain parts of the year are simply not efficient. 

Manby Lodge Infant School had parts of the school grounds that were undulating and suffered from waterlogging during the winter months.  As a consequence the areas were left unused and became derelict so much so that parts had to be sectioned off from students.

SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd installed a dual play and safety surface comprising of Dante Artificial Grass, Coloured Artificial Grass, and a coloured SSP Wet Pour Rubber system.  The challenge for the company was to excavate the area to remove the undulating ground and to increase the drainage of the area whilst providing a stable base onto which the new playground could be installed.  Whilst a traditional stone base for our wet pour rubber system consists of 100-150mm of compacted type 1 mot stone here the required base was nearly double.

The success of the installation has increased the amount of useable space at the school as well as creating a vibrant and exciting playground for students to enjoy.

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