Wet Pour Rubber Surfaces

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Wet Pour Rubber

Wet Pour Rubber is an impact absorbing rubber surface most commonly used for school playground flooring and playground surfacing. Other applications include swimming pool surrounds, pathways, retail units and many more.

Wet Pour Rubber kentWet Pour Rubber surfaces can also be used to create sports surfaces, such as running tracks, multi-use games areas (MUGAS), and daily mile tracks.

Wet Pour Rubber can be installed directly onto a hard standing sub-base such as: tarmac, concrete or paving slabs or a compacted stone base to a minimum thickness of 100mm.

The surface must have a secure perimeter edge to bond to, PC edging and timber are examples. If laid on top of an existing hard standing base an open edge can be tapered.

The Wet Pour Rubber system has a minimum thickness of 20mm and above when installing onto a hard standing sub base or 40mm and above if installing onto a compacted stone base

A 20mm thick wet pour rubber surface is laid as one course, whereas a system comprising of greater thickness is laid in two courses. The system is bound together using a polyurethane resin and is mixed with the granules onsite, before installing to the required depth. Curing time is required before a surface can be used.

Wet Pour Rubber KentNumerous graphics and designs can be incorporated into the surface to provide colourful patterns. Educational aids and games can be added to the design to provide a vibrant and interactive playground.

The thickness of wet pour rubber determines a tested critical fall height value. This allows for impact absorbency, which may be required around children’s play equipment or areas where there is a risk of falling.




Wet Pour Rubber Kent

We provide a vast range of playground surfacing and playground flooring solutions to schools, playgrounds and nurseries across the UK.

If you have a small area of wet pour rubber which needs repairing, then we also supply wet pour rubber repair kits. Please contact us for further information.

Wet Pour Rubber Cleaning & Maintenance

Simple, regular brushing and removal of debris from the surface is the main requirement of wet pour rubber surfaces. As a safety surface becomes older it may benefit from power washing, algaecide application and disinfectant. For more specific information please refer to our maintenance section for more detailed information; SSP offers a full service, professional maintenance package to be utilise on a one-off or regular maintenance package basis.


Features and Benefits - Wet Pour Rubber 

  • Wet Por Rubber is Impact absorbing to reduce the possibility of injury
  • Wet pour rubber can be applied to uneven surfaces
  • Choice of wet pour thickness
  • Wet pour rubber surfaces are usually weather resistant
  • A variety of colours available
  • Fully customisable with colours and patterns
  • Can be implemented just about anywhere!

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5/5 Stars Yell.com

Andy at SSP Canterbury organised works at our Nursery in Dover which included artificial grass and wet pour playground surface, they were totally professional and nothing was too much trouble. The end result was fantastic and has really changed the outside look. I have no hesitation in recommending this company, they are excellent value for money.

Frank Smith