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Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfacing

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Wet pour Rubber is a soft spongy impact absorbing rubber surface for playgrounds, nurseries, schools or anywhere there is a necessity for an outdoor play setting. SSP’s Wet pour rubber is also known as ‘playground rubber’, ‘soft play’ ‘safe play’, etc. Wet pour rubber is ideal for reducing risk and allowing freedom in play.wet pour rubber safety surfacewet pourwet pour rubber

Wet pour rubber consists of EPDM rubber granules bonded by a polyurethane resin. Wet pour rubber is a two layer impact absorbing system. The first a base layer is usually a recycled rubber crumb bonded

wet pour rubber playgroundwet pour rubber playgroundwet pour rubber

Wet pour rubber surfacing provides a consistent hard wearing colourful almost seamless surface for stimulating imaginative free play. Wet pour’s versatility means it may be used for many applications such as noise deadening of pavements, special need provision, outdoor class rooms, bridges, elderly care and many more.

Wet pour spongy rubber playground surface in primary school (1)wet pour safety surface

SSP has been laying wet pour rubber in playgrounds since 1999 in small play areas to larger sports and playground. We can additionally assist with all your playground elements from playground equipment, sun shades and fencing.

Wet Pour Rubber Base Works

Wet pour rubber can be laid directly onto tarmac, no fines concrete or more usually onto a compacted stone base. The base surface need to be sound and level. Please call for additional details.

WetPour Rubber Colours

Wetpour Rubber Maintenance

Wetpour Rubber Long jumps

What Depth of Wet Pour Do I need?

The depth of rubber you require depends on the use of the area. For run around areas with no equipment then the minimum thickness is 20mm (dependent on base). Around play equipment, the depth is dependent on the critical fall height required and the fall zone. Play equipment manufactures usually provide the footprint and depth of wet pour required.

The critical fall height (CFH) can be defined as the height of the highest play platform. The graph below details the fall height and the required wet pour depth.

Wet Pour Rubber Critical Fall heights

Thickness RubberCritical Fall Height
40 mm1.3 m
50 mm1.5 m
60 mm1.7 m
70 mm1.9 m
80 mm2.0 m
90 mm2.2 m
100 mm2.4 m

What Colours Does Wet Pour Come In?

The most economical wet pour rubber colour is full black. This can be varied by adding other colours as flecks.

Standard Primary wet pour colours are brick red, dark blue, dark green.

Please see the wet pour rubber colour page for our full range.

Which Graphics Can I choose?

wet pour rubber surface dragon wet pour rubber safety surface wet pour rubber playground insitu wet pour rubber

There is an almost limitless choice with wet pour graphics. Graphics can be the whole surface such as a sky design with rainbows, clouds and the sun or simple hop scotches and shapes. Use of wet pour colours can denote change of surface texture from wet pour to artificial grass, or a perimeter around playground equipment. Colours can be used with playground management with roads to keep bikes on an area, or different zones for running or balls games. Buddy circles can encourage a child who is feeling alone to just stand in an area where Teachers etc can see what they are feeling without the child having to speak.


Favorites include number trails, triangles, circles and squares.

Splashes of blue wet pour are very popular with younger children as their imagination can transport them to mermaid, pirate ships, lakes and crocodiles.


Wet pour Colours can be used to blend sympathetically with the surrounding  landscape or to stand out as vibrant brightly coloured exciting place to play.

SSP can provide a colour plan of your desired colours and graphic to helping to bring your plans to life.

Wet Pour Rubber Gallery

How To Care for Your Rubber  Surface

Please see our wet pour rubber maintenance page for more detailed maintenance information.

Regular brushing of debris off the surface is the main requirement of wet pour surfaces. As a safety surface becomes older it may benefit from power washing, algaecide application and disinfecting. SSP offers a complete of one off maintenance package.

How Is Wet pour Laid?

Wet pour is a mixture of rubber crumb and glue (resin) which is mixed on site. The wet pour was laid in two layers. For a 40 mm depth surface a base layer of 20 mm recycled rubber tyres crumb and binder is poured and leveled into the area. Then a 20 mm virgin rubber wearing layer is poured and leveled by hand. The wet pour can be can then usually be used after curing for approx 24-48 hours dependent on the outside temperature.


Ordering a wet pour safety surface from SSP

The ordering process usually start with an email or phone call from you the client. Our project manager will then call to discuss your requirements whether you need guide prices, samples or a visit, then we will provide you with quotes and plans.

We don’t employ any hard selling techniques as we believe the quality of our surfaces and exemplary customer service are a much more powerful selling tool. Many of our clients are referred to us by other schools and nurseries.

We are happy to provide reference sites if required.

We try to visit each customer’s site and provide a fair and reasonable priced quotation.


 What To Expect From Our Installation Team?

Our teams are professional dedicated wet pour installers have many years of experience in the educational sector. They are CRB vetted an all hold CSCS qualification. They understand how sensitive a school or nursery environment and act accordingly, being courteous and polite at all times.

Wet pour is mixed on site in a paddle mixer so the team will need the space to mix and pour the rubber mix close to the play area. They also will need somewhere to park nearby and space to store and unload pallets of rubber.

Our project manager will liaise closely with yourselves and the team to ensure a smooth completion of the surface.

Finally after all the hard work a new safer surface is ready for the children. 

We will provide you with an operating manual to ensure your new wet pour surface can provide the maximum amount of benefit to your setting, and can provide an ongoing maintenance surface to ensure the maximum lifespan.

Wet Pour Rubber Maintenance

SSP can provide ongoing maintenance or one off power washing and cleaning of new and existing wet pour rubber playground area’s.  We can also supply small repair kits for minor damage or vandalism.

For more information on safety requirements please see the ROSPA website




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